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Can you prepare for a high asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2015 | High Asset Divorce |

Getting a divorce, one that includes high dollar property and assets, is usually acrimonious at some stage. An experienced legal representative usually sees that one spouse is laying the groundwork early on while the other one is playing catch-up. There is hardly ever a symbiotic relationship and it seems that the two people are out of sync.

Most people who have had divorce papers filed on them have an “aha” moment. In one example, a husband began lavishing gifts on his wife while at the same time taking her on expensive vacations. He also began repairing the house so they could sell it and move to a smaller home. All of this was done with loving attention and was very much appreciated by the spouse.

Six months later, the husband told his wife he wanted a divorce. This came after they downsized to a condo and bought a vacation timeshare. What a surprise.

Another example is one that would definitely be an eye-opener. The bank called the wife and said that the mortgage had been approved for her husband. Unfortunately, they weren’t buying any property; he was buying a home for his new girlfriend. What a way to find out you are possibly getting a divorce.

Divorcing and separating is an emotional time that involves financial combat. It can be so disheartening laying out your assets and dividing up the property that you two worked so hard to obtain. Having an attorney who can guide you through this can be a big help at a time like this.

You need to focus on your emotional well-being. Your attorney can deal with all the minutia that is involved in separating a lifetime of assets, property and memories.

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