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Terrence Howard claims he cannot pay spousal support

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

Florida fans of actor Terrence Howard may be interested in new information regarding his divorce settlement. Howard had initially agreed to pay $325,000 of spousal support to his second wife, Michelle Ghent. Though the actor has appeared in major films including ‘Iron Man,” he alleges he is unable make the payments because he only makes about $6,000 per month. Howard claims that his monthly paycheck goes to his first wife, Lori McMasters, to whom he was married for 14 years. This money supposedly covers spousal and child support; his ex-wife reportedly writes him a monthly check for just under $6,000.

Howard requested that a judge throw out the spousal support order, and his request came alongside claims that he was coerced to sign the spousal support agreement by blackmail and extortion. It is unclear whether or not these claims are substantiated.

While the courts decide what to do about his spousal support predicament, Howard also has been ordered to stay away from his second wife. Ghent claims that her ex-husband physically abused her by hitting and kicking her. According to reports, Howard has been ordered to keep a distance of at least 300 yards for three years and to pay Ghent’s court costs of $14,800.

For those who are dealing with a high-asset divorce, it may be helpful to talk to a divorce attorney. An attorney may be able to walk their client through the intricacies of child support and spousal support filing. In addition, people possessing multiple assets may benefit from a consultation on protecting their property during the division stage of divorce.

Source: Daily News, “Terrence Howard says he can’t afford spousal support for ex-wife, only makes $6,000 a month: report“, Zayda Rivera, July 28, 2014


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