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Protecting Your Rights In Parental Relocations & Move Aways

There may come a time in your post-divorce life that you or your ex-spouse needs to move away, whether with your children or without. In these often highly-contested cases, the court does not have a predetermined presumption about whether a parent has the right to move away, the only criteria the court will consider is whether the move represents the best interest of the child. The laws regarding relocations and move away cases have been dramatically updated, making it crucial to have a knowledgeable family law attorney on your side.

At Thompson Family Law, P.A., in Fort Myers, we work closely with parents throughout Southwest Florida, protecting their rights in parental relocation cases. We lay out all options, so our clients can make informed decisions. Call 239-243-9297 or toll free 888-550-6071 to discuss your case with a lawyer.

When Is Parental Relocation Valid?

Particularly in times of economic hardship, parents may feel it is necessary to move away in order to best provide for their children, but the other parent, or a judge, may not agree that it is in the best interest of the child. A number of factors are considered in move away cases, including:

  • What sort of opportunities will the move create?
  • What kind of relationship does each parent have with the child?
  • What will the support structure be in the new location?
  • What sort of educational opportunities will there be?

Other factors, including the presence of grandparents, may also be considered. These cases are left up entirely to the discretion of a judge, making the extensive trial experience of our attorneys very important. If the relocation is part of a marital agreement or agreed to by both parents, you can bypass the court process.

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