Helping Fort Myers Create A Durable Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney gives someone else the authority to legally act on your behalf. You can give a general Power of Attorney or a limited Power of Attorney.

Powers of Attorney are usually used by older people to give their spouse or children the ability to manage their affairs on their behalf while they are still alive but are no longer mentally able to keep track of everything or to make competent decisions on their own. With a Power of Attorney, the person granted the power can open or close bank accounts, sell or buy real estate, and otherwise act as your legal representative. They can enter legal contracts on your behalf and otherwise do anything for you that you would legally be able to do for yourself.

The Power of Attorney discussed above is a general power of attorney. There are also limited powers of attorney that give the person granted the power only limited authority to act on your behalf. For example, you can give someone else a Power of Attorney to sell your car for you, or one that is limited to certain things or for certain times. Powers of attorney can be revoked at any time.

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