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Parenting Series

Flying Solo

–a website with information on divorce and separation and other family issues such as caring for the elderly and disabled. The section on divorce and separation features information on alimony and visitation, taxation, mediation, and many other and related issues.

For Abuse Victims

–a website by Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc. It helps victims identify the symptoms of abusive relationships and gives helpful information on available options for abuse victims.

Parent Time

–a website filled with advice. You can enter chat rooms, read columns, and post questions to many doctors, nurses, and other experts.

Florida’s Commission on Responsible Fatherhood

–a website with information on problems children face when responsible fathers are absent, promoting responsible fatherhood.

Series on Parenting

by Deborah Hansen

Deborah Hansen, a veteran of divorced parenting and a former middle school teacher, has prepared a series of articles on parenting for Thompson Family Law. An excellent writer, she is also a certified county court mediator, and a regular columnist for several parenting publications. She may be reached for comments and suggested topics at  [email protected].

If you would like to purchase  Broken Strings, a small book containing 20 of these articles, please  email Deborah Hansen. She will donate $1 of the purchase price of $12.95 to the  Children’s Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida in Fort Myers.

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