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Can you record conversations?

When you're going through a high-asset divorce, there may be many times when your ex says one thing to you in private and then says something completely different in court. It's common for people to say they are going to agree to certain divorce terms initially, only to change their minds later on. It's also possible that your ex might disclose something in a private conversation, such as hidden assets.

Prenuptial agreements can strengthen high asset marriages

When one or both members of a couple entering marriage are bringing significant assets to the table, a prenuptial agreement is always a wise consideration. There is unwarranted public stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements, stemming from an incomplete understanding of all the things that a prenuptial agreement can cover. A well-crafted prenuptial agreement can truly strengthen your marriage by predefining some boundaries that can simplify many of the problem areas married couples encounter.

Money and dividing assets in a Florida divorce

When it comes time to put all of your personal possessions on the table, figure out how much they're worth and split them up, most people associate it with death -- because that is what happens during the probate process after we die. Unfortunately, though, in some circumstances we have to endure this kind of financial examination while we're still alive -- and it happens during divorce.

High asset divorce in Florida

There isn't much of a downside to having a lot of money and property, and most Florida residents will agree that having a large bank account helps make life easier -- unless, of course, you are in the midst of a high asset divorce. When it comes to asset division and divorce proceedings, the more assets you have, the more complicated the divorce process becomes.

Getting a high asset divorce in Florida can be complicated

Florida is a beautiful place to live. Sunny and warm most days of the year and great atmosphere. But, like all states, no matter how lovely the weather, divorce is a fact of life for many. Of course, if there are large assets and property involved, this high asset divorce may not be as expedient as you want it to be.

Steps in getting a high asset divorce in Florida

Getting a divorce is always a drag, no matter what state you live in. In Florida, even though it is sunny and warm outside, the fact that you have to get a divorce may leave you cold. It doesn't matter if you live in Miami or Tallahassee, you are subject to the laws as those in other states.

Woman gets enormous divorce settlement in Florida

Getting a divorce is never fun and it seems the older you get and the longer you are married, the more complex it becomes. This is the case for an 87-year-old man. His wife of 15 years got a divorce from the man after he developed the symptoms of dementia. She was awarded $9.75 million. The children of the man agreed to this amount.

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