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How can I negotiate child custody with my ex-spouse?

When children are involved in a divorce action, it is a natural reaction to want what is best for them. Sometimes, that means putting your wishes wants and desires second. It is best to try and work out the child custody issue between the two of you through your attorneys.

Senator Abruzzo fighting for full custody of child in Florida

Getting a divorce in the public eye can be difficult. When children are involved it is even worse. A Florida senator, Joseph Abruzzo, is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife, Brandy, and their 7-month-old baby boy is caught in the middle. Last week, the senator wanted to have the baby over for a visit so he came by Brandy Abruzzo's house and picked him up. The senator didn't return him after a 24-hour period.

Child custody in Florida and where to do your research

Child custody laws of Florida are in place for the unhappy occasion of divorce by a couple who need to determine what is best for the children involved. Many times, this isn't a cut and dried application. There may be some dispute as to who gets full custody, is it joint custody and how this whole custody issue will be resolved.

What is a parenting plan?

When you get a divorce in Florida, and you have children, Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes can give you guidance as to what you may expect to happen. Of course, the interests of the children come first, however your interests are also important. Having a parenting plan in place is important.

Getting custody of your child very detailed in Florida

Child custody in a divorce situation is usually fraught with emotion. Both of you may believe you are the better parent and want what is best for the child. Many times, you are the one who knows your child best and can provide for his or her physical and emotional needs. There are certain steps in the Florida statutes that deal with child custody that you may want to become familiar with.

Florida offers parenting class for child custody issues

Child custody laws in Florida are very specific and prolific. Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes is worth researching if you are getting a divorce that has children involved. While everyone involved wants what is best for the children, you may also want what is best for you. Having someone that can advise you legally may be a good idea.

Custody and religious upbringing in Florida

Many Florida parents who are of different faiths go on to get a divorce. A contentious question often arises regarding in which religion the child will be raised by the custodial parent. If the parents are unable to agree, the court will be left in a position in which it must balance the fundamental First Amendment rights of the parent to choose their own religion versus the best interests of the child.

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