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High Asset Divorce Archives

Gary Oldman files for divorce number 4

Some Florida residents who follow celebrity marriage may be interested in Gary Oldman's pending divorce from his fourth wife after a six-year marriage. The British screen and stage actor and star of 'The Dark Knight Rises" was separated from Alexandra Edenborough for about a year before she filed on Jan. 9. Oldman has yet to respond to her filing, according to reports.

High-asset divorce and inheritance funds

Generally speaking, if spouses in Florida individually inherit assets while married, as long as they follow certain rules their inheritance will not be subject to division if their marriage is dissolved. However, if spouses commit actions that by state law render an inheritance no longer immune to asset division in a divorce, divorcing spouses could claim a share.

Avoiding serious financial errors during divorce

Financial concerns are an indisputable part of ending a marriage that cannot be overlooked if one is to protect their future. Several money issues are often ignored or misunderstood by people in Florida, leading to a potentially weaker financial standing post-divorce than might have been necessary. Knowledge of errors to avoid might place a divorcing spouse in a better position when negotiating a settlement.

Terrence Howard claims he cannot pay spousal support

Florida fans of actor Terrence Howard may be interested in new information regarding his divorce settlement. Howard had initially agreed to pay $325,000 of spousal support to his second wife, Michelle Ghent. Though the actor has appeared in major films including 'Iron Man," he alleges he is unable make the payments because he only makes about $6,000 per month. Howard claims that his monthly paycheck goes to his first wife, Lori McMasters, to whom he was married for 14 years. This money supposedly covers spousal and child support; his ex-wife reportedly writes him a monthly check for just under $6,000.

Former Dodgers owner in post-divorce battle

Florida baseball fans may remember the former owner of the L.A. Dodgers, Frank McCourt, who is currently embroiled in a lawsuit alleging that he and the Dodgers are responsible for the beating of a man at a game. He has taken on some additional legal battles in the wake of his 2012 divorce. He and his former wife, Jamie McCourt, were married for almost 30 years. Jamie also was, according to a judge, a "sophisticated" person who was involved in the ownership of the Dodgers and litigation involving the team. After the divorce, she was awarded $131 million tax-free and also was given ownership of several luxury homes the couple had owned.

Director faces divorce

Florida residents who are fans of film director Michael Moore may have read about his recent marital problems. Moore is currently undergoing a split that one source characterized as "vicious." He is divorcing his wife of 23 years, Kathleen Glynn. Though Moore is perhaps better known than Glynn, she had a hand in his success, as she produced some of Moore's documentaries for which he has become famous. The couple also amassed tens of millions of dollars during their time together, and much of this high asset divorce will undoubtedly deal with dividing the large amount of money and property they have between the two of them.

Hidden, illiquid assets disputed in high-asset divorces

Divorcing couples in Florida with a substantial amassed fortune are likely to find that the path to a clean division of financial property is a complicated one. The matter becomes more complex when one or both spouses take the effort to hide assets from the other. Financial planners specialized in divorce frequently work to resolve matters regarding assets that are hidden or illiquid in value.

Millionaire's income disclosed in child support trial

Parents in Florida may be interested in the latest news to make headlines regarding a 45-year-old top Citigroup executive. The businessman recently went to trial against his ex-wife, who is seeking an increase in child support payments to $25,000 a month. The couple's divorce was finalized in 2006, and they last amended their child support agreement for their two children in 2008.

Continental Resources billionaire to keep control of company

Followers of Forbes in Florida may be familiar with Harold Hamm, the founder of Continental Resources who has an estimated net worth of about $14.6 billion. Hamm owns approximately 126 million shares and a 70 percent equity stake in the oil production company, which saw a 39 percent increase in production in 2013.

Wife of in-rehab singer Cassidy files for divorce

It should come as no surprise to Florida residents that celebrities often run into the same kinds of marital difficulties as anyone else. Celebrity divorces, of course, are often fodder for media outlets, so even if the reasons for a split are similar to everyday people, the actual divorce is often played out in front of a wide audience.

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