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High Asset Divorce Archives

Meeting the requirements for divorce in Florida

When you are getting a divorce, not only are you emotionally vulnerable, you are financially vulnerable as well. The law office of Thompson Family Law, P. A., knows this and has a goal to keep you are protected during the divorce proceedings. We will listen carefully to your story and will tell you what options are available under the laws of the state of Florida. There are many issues that come up in a divorce, such as child custody, child support and spousal support. We are experienced in these areas and can guide you through the maze that is seemingly engulfing you at this time.

How do you file for divorce in Florida?

When you are filing for divorce, you need to file a legal document that is called the dissolution petition and is filed in court. It is called a divorce complaint in the state of Florida. It tells the court that you, the petitioner, want to end the marriage and this filing initiates the divorce process. The petition is served on your spouse and the process has officially begun.

Who is more likely to initiate a divorce: men or women?

According to new research carried out by sociologist Michael Rosenfeld from Stanford, women are much more likely to initiate a divorce than men in a marriage. The research survey, which included 2,262 adults involved in heterosexual partnerships, showed that in 69 percent of cases, women are the ones who file for divorces, not men. On average, women also report less satisfaction in their marriages than men do.

Can you prepare for a high asset divorce?

Getting a divorce, one that includes high dollar property and assets, is usually acrimonious at some stage. An experienced legal representative usually sees that one spouse is laying the groundwork early on while the other one is playing catch-up. There is hardly ever a symbiotic relationship and it seems that the two people are out of sync.

How can I get a divorce in Florida?

Getting a divorce means many things. If you are in Florida, a no-fault divorce state, you can get your divorce pretty easily if you are both on the same page. Unfortunately, this may not happen if there are significant assets and property involved. The statutes of this state mark out clearly what has to happen before a divorce is granted.

Rumored tax concerns lead to settlement for Pamela Anderson

Florida residents likely have some familiarity with former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, and the actress recently divorced husband Rick Saloman after marrying him in 2013 and filing for divorce in 2014. Aside from it being the couple's second attempt at marriage after a 2007 coupling that ended two months later in an annulment, this divorce also made headlines because of reported tax drama between the former spouses.

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