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Helping You Understand Collaboration For Your Family Law Dispute In Florida

While litigation is the way many people put an end to disputes during divorce, it can be a long, painful process. If you are considering a divorce or currently going through one, it’s important to realize that you have other options — collaboration is one of them. An experienced family law attorney can help you obtain good results using this process.

At Thompson Family Law, P.A. in Fort Myers, we are committed to helping clients make the best of their divorce by providing them with choices about how best to approach their case. To discuss collaboration as well as your other options with an attorney, contact us today.

What Is The Collaborative Process?

In the collaborative process, lawyers are hired solely to help their clients achieve a mutually acceptable settlement using interest-based negotiating principles. The lawyers and all parties will sign a contract agreeing to work toward settling everything rather than taking the case to court. Everyone is expected to work as a team to achieve a successful outcome. If this cannot be accomplished, the divorce may go to litigation.

Negotiations will take place in a series of four-way settlement meetings to exchange information, express interests, goals and concerns, develop options for settlement and negotiate mutually acceptable agreements.

Because attorneys are hired for collaboration for one purpose only, they have every incentive to steer negotiations towards an agreeable settlement. There are no ulterior motives present and no games to be played.

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