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How nesting impacts your children after divorce

Nesting is a unique custody arrangement where you and your ex take turns living with your children. The kids themselves never have to move to a different home. If you and your spouse owned the house together when you were married, you may just keep it after the divorce and let the kids stay there.

Do parents with joint custody get child support?

Like many other states in the country, family law judges in Florida are increasingly deciding to award joint custody to both parents as opposed to just one. Research that shows that children tend to be more well-adjusted when they split their time equally between both parents' homes has motivated them to do this. This latest trend has made many wonder what happens with child support when parents share joint custody.

Consistency and communication are important for kids of divorce

School has now been in full swing throughout Florida for the past month. If behavioral or emotional problems related to you and your ex's impending or recent divorce were going to manifest themselves, your kids are likely starting to show signs of them now as everyday school pressures have begun to take hold once again.

Children might want their other parent sometimes

Child custody cases are difficult on everyone involved. The children have to adjust to a new way of life that they might not appreciate very much. There might be times when they are with you that they start to miss the other parent. This is perfectly normal but it can be a shock for you to have to deal with.

Judges weigh many factors in custody cases involving relocation

Some of the most difficult cases for family law judges to broker are those that involve one parent petitioning the courts to move away with their child. It's never easy for them to tell a mom or dad that the days of them sharing one week on and another week off is going to come to an end and be replaced by extended visits at spread-out intervals during the year.

Father's rights in Florida are among the best in the nation

Custody X Change recently conducted a study aimed at determining which states offer dads the best chance of acquiring shared custody post-divorce. Its researchers found that Florida is one of few states where fathers routinely are awarded 50 percent custody. Other states that offer dads the best chance of acquiring shared parenting time include Delaware, Massachusetts, Nevada and Colorado.

How does infidelity impact my Florida child custody case?

Back decades ago, infidelity could definitely have impacted who ended up with the marital assets, who receive alimony or who got custody of the kids in a divorce. When it comes to how it impacts child custody matters nowadays, though, a parent's cheating doesn't have the same direct effect on a judge's decision-making that it may have had before.

Why might a Florida judge deny a parent's child custody request?

When judges are called upon to decide custody cases, they often do so with the intention of doing what's in the best interest of the child. In many cases, this involves them making decisions to award joint custody to both parents. In some instances, though, they may decide that doing so isn't going to be what's best for the child. In those cases, a parent may be awarded visitation rights instead.

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