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How to talk to a fiance about a prenup

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2017 | Blog |

A surprising number of married couples lack a prenuptial agreement. However, it does seem as though the gap is closing. In fact, a report from CNBC shows Millennials are more likely to obtain prenups than previous generations. 

One reason why couples go without prenups is that it can be an awkward conversation. The whole point of a prenup is that it lays out what happens in the event the couple divorces. A couple that has not even married yet probably does not want to think about divorce. However, it is vital to plan ahead just in case. Here are some ways to bring up the topic. 

Bring it up early 

It is beneficial if both people understand each other’s viewpoints on everything, including prenups. Before a couple becomes engaged, they should know each other’s beliefs inside and out. This does not mean a person needs to bring up a prenup on the first date, but it is good to talk about before marriage is on the horizon. 

Bring in a mediator

A neutral third-party helps greatly when discussing these complicated legal matters. There are various financial issues to discuss before tying the knot, and during this time, it helps to also bring up the prenup. A mediator is able to talk about it from a neutral standpoint where he or she merely talks about how it benefits both people. 

Discuss its practicality

A person does not want the prenup discussion to simply involve separating assets in case there is a divorce. A fiance also should not discredit the amount of money another person makes, especially if it is substantially less. 

Compare it to a will

No one wants to make a will because it is a reminder that everyone dies. It is disheartening to think about, but it is a vital and practical document that comes in handy, and the same holds true for a prenup. No one wants to think about it, but it is a practical item. Additionally, there is the possibility you never have to look at the prenup again. 


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