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Senator Abruzzo fighting for full custody of child in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Child Custody |

Getting a divorce in the public eye can be difficult. When children are involved it is even worse. A Florida senator, Joseph Abruzzo, is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife, Brandy, and their 7-month-old baby boy is caught in the middle. Last week, the senator wanted to have the baby over for a visit so he came by Brandy Abruzzo’s house and picked him up. The senator didn’t return him after a 24-hour period.

Mrs. Abruzzo said that there was a verbal agreement that the baby would be returned the next day. In the meantime, a series of text messages was shared between the warring couple. She seemingly offers him full custody, 50/50 custody or no visitation at all. He says in the text messages that he wants full custody and she sarcastically answered that it was typical of him to take everything and her get nothing. He said that her admission to allowing for him to have full custody was a provable agreement.

She took him to court the Monday after the baby was supposed to be returned and asked a judge to order that the little boy be returned. The motion was denied the next day. The senator put out a statement that he wants what is best for his son. Mrs. Abruzzo also stated that she wants her baby back.

Mr. Abruzzo said that his wife needs a psychological evaluation because she tried to commit suicide in the past and smokes cigarettes around the baby.

Can you see how strident both parties are being? If you have to go through a divorce and there are children involved, you may want to call in a lawyer who knows the ropes and can get you what you deserve. You want what is best for your kids, so knowing what your next steps are is important.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Sen. Abruzzo’s estranged wife says he won’t give back baby; he says not true,” John Pacenti, Oct. 17, 2015


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