Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

What Is The Exceptional Student Education Program?

In the state of Florida, the Exceptional Student Education (EDE) is the program that provides gifted students or those with a specific disability with individualized educational instruction.

The program is designed to ensure children with specific needs are able to fully succeed in the K-12 public education system so they can be prepared for college or other endeavors post graduation.

The program often helps children with:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Speech impairments
  • Dual-sensory impairments
  • Emotional/behavioral disabilities
  • Developmental delays

Individualized Education Plans For Those Who Qualify For EDE Assistance

Each student who qualifies will receive an individualized educational plan under the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The plan is reviewed and revised annually, details the types of services and accommodations the student will receive, such as occupational therapy, assistive technology and mental health counseling. The plan also stipulates the length and duration of time needed for the accommodation and any other provisions relating to the specific circumstances of the child.

Legal Assistance For Parents, Grandparents And Guardians

At Thompson Family Law, P.A., our attorneys specialize in resolving all types of family law matters for mothers, fathers, grandparents and guardians of children located all throughout southwestern Florida. We often provide educational support via Florida's Exceptional Student Education program to parents of gifted children.

Guidance Throughout The Entire Process

Whether you wish to learn more about the process, need help getting started, or seeking assistance working with the school district, teachers and staff, our lawyers have the expertise to help you.

We can be involved in as little or much of the process as you like. Our ultimate goal is to get your child on the road to success.

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