Education Law

Family law is extremely wide ranging. In some instances, couples are simply looking to get a divorce, split assets and move on with their lives. In other cases, a couple with children is contemplating divorce and is looking for assistance with all matters relating to their kids.

Whether you are looking for help with parenting plans, child support — or even assistance regarding educational plans for gifted children or those who need special instruction in school, our attorneys have the expertise to help you.

Our Educational Planning Services

At Thompson Family Law, P.A., our lawyers help parents, grandparents and guardians set up special educational accommodations for their children who need learning accommodations in school.

We often set up Individualized Education Programs for those who qualify under the Florida Exceptional Student Education program. We also handle what's referred to as 504 plans for children who may not need an IEP but still require accommodations at school.

Support And Guidance From Experienced Attorneys

If your child or grandchild needs additional learning assistance at school, contact our team to learn about the free opportunities available to help your child succeed. We can discuss the different programs available and offer as little or as much guidance as you wish.

We can help you maneuver through the school system's complex educational framework by speaking and consulting with teachers and school district personnel. We can also create the required paperwork that details the appropriate accommodation to help your child get on the right track to succeed during the K-12 school years and beyond.

Find Out How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You

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