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Representing divorce clients with alimony concerns

Not every divorce in Florida involves two spouses who hold full-time jobs. In many marriages, one spouse supports the furtherance of the other spouse's career by staying home to take care of the children. When there is a divorce, the spouse who did not work might request alimony payments to help adjust to their new living situation.

At our law firm, we represent spouses who are going through divorces in which alimony payments, or spousal support, is a consideration. Whether you are seeking alimony in a divorce, or you are being asked to pay support, we may be able to help you work out a fair settlement.

There are several different types of alimony that are appropriate in different situations. Durational alimony is paid to a spouse for a set period of time while permanent support may be paid to a spouse for the rest of their life or until they remarry. A spouse might also request rehabilitative alimony that could go towards vocational training and educational expenses that are needed to launch a new career. In some situations, a lump sum alimony payment or periodic payments of a predetermined amount of alimony may be part of a divorce settlement.

Alimony is not a necessary part of every divorce settlement, and a number of factors are used to determine if it is appropriate. The length of time that the couple was married, the job prospects of each spouse and the lifestyle that the spouses enjoyed during the marriage are all important considerations. If you need help ensuring that a divorce settlement includes an appropriate award for alimony, our attorneys are ready to analyze your circumstances and advocate for a proper result. You are invited to visit our page on spousal support to learn more about this issue.

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