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Florida state representative struggles with high-profile divorce

Divorce can be difficult enough without the added scrutiny that comes with working in politics. One Florida state representative has found this out, as his long-fought divorce battle is still not over in the state’s courts. He originally reached an agreement with his wife, but even after a protracted legal battle, the representative has had trouble claiming his portion of the proceeds from a complex real estate sale.

It is a perfect example of what can and does happen in high asset divorce cases, as real estate deals and complex property division can present major issues. The representative originally filed for divorce more than two years ago after he was allegedly seen with another woman. The resulting litigation has slowly worked its way through the court system, inducing ongoing stress. Now, he needs his estranged wife to sign off on documentation pertaining to the sale of the couple’s home. The case appears to be headed back to court, though, as the woman has been unwilling to cooperate. 

Too often, divorce cases are significantly difficult because the two people involved fail to come to an agreement. Negotiating a divorce settlement is only a part of the process, and as this story shows, it can often be even more difficult to get both sides to adhere the terms of that agreement once it has been signed.

People who are involved in high-profile divorces often find themselves in difficult positions. Attorneys can help them navigate these difficult waters, both when the settlement is being negotiated and after the fact, when both parties must adhere to the terms of the deal.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Divorce messiness for Fla House member,” Adam C. Smith, Oct. 2, 2013

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